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Like so many American soul singers, Peyton got his musical start in the church. Raised in the south of the US, Peyton was brought up in a family of Pentecostal preachers and was working as the minister of music for his father’s church by the time he was seventeen. After moving to the UK to study, Peyton went on to live in Colombia, South America and New York City, before finally settling in London.

In 2003 Peyton signed his first single to the Hed Kandi label, A Higher Place. Legendary House music producer Eric Kupper (Degrees of Motion) produced the first official mix which topped dance charts around the world and went on to become a House classic. Peyton soon began working on his debut album with Eric Kupper, as well as traveling around the globe performing to tens of thousands, turning the world into his touring playground one country at a time. It was also during this time that Peyton was invited to be one of the five presenters on the UK version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, which was a big hit in the UK on LIVING TV and subsequently syndicated to networks all over the world.

In 2005 Peyton released his solo album with Hed Kandi, as well as a string of follow-up anthems (I’ll Rise, Celebrate, Ride Like The Wind) fuelling Peyton’s reputation as one of House music’s brightest new writers and vocalists. His distinctly recognisable voice, in an industry dominated by females vocals, finally resulted in Peyton being the only male nominated for Outstanding Vocalist of the Year at London’s House Music Awards. Peyton began hosting his own weekly
radio show on London’s PASSION 91.8 FM, and has continued writing and recording superb dance music, working with the likes of ATFC, Freemasons, Hoxton Whores, Soul Avengerz, Moto Blanco, Bassmonkeys, Noferini, Audio Fraud, Kaskade, Kid Massive, Mark Picchiotti, Carlos Gallardo, Chris Cox, The BeatThiefs, Wayne G, Eric Kupper, Paul Gardner, Mark Wilkinson, Juanjo Martin, Marc JB, Vertigo, and many more. Peyton has performed in over 200 cities, in over sixty countries, across six continents making headline appearances at events like Sydney’s Mardi Gras Harbour Party, the official Beijing Olympics after-party, as well as a summer residency at the world’s most famous super-club Space in Ibiza. Peyton’s recent collaboration with the Freemasons ‘Love Is The Answer’ hit #1 in the UK Club Charts, at the same time his track Streets Of Cairo became a smash hit in Egypt, earning him a Virgin Music Award in the Middle East.

While his music continues to spread, many of his songs are being dubbed as anthems, others are recognised as club classics, and Peyton’s worldwide reputation as a performer and writer has secured him the title of one of House music’s most soulful superstars.

‘There are very few performers around who can command an audience and actually transform the experience that clubbers might have on a given night. Peyton is the exception to every rule. His spine-tingling vocals are unmistakable and the effusive energy and show-biz quality that he brings to any event makes the difference between just another club night and an unforgettable experience. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has seen him perform say anything to the contrary.’ – Sam Cannon – Hed Kandi (Worldwide) ‘Peyton is simply one of the most exciting performers I have ever had the privilege of working with. Whether its a club PA or a full band show Peyton has one of the best voices I have ever heard. Mix this amazing talent with some of the years
biggest club hits and Peyton delivers an unmissable live experience.’ – Mark Doyle – Fierce Angel (Worldwide)



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