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Like many other clubbers, the changes to the scene in London that happened in the late 80’s and early 90’s also changed his life.  It was the acid house era and the birth of clubs like Spectrum, Shoom Land of Oz and Trip in London and further afield to clubs like Full Circle in Slough. This is where he first heard the deeper side of the new genre of house music. It was refreshing and ground breaking.

Eventually this led to exploring more of the emerging underground house scene. Soon Alan would discover a new afterhours club that would change his life. A club called TRADE.

His first real break came with Trade in 1992 when asked to play at a one-off bank holiday party. After that set he was offered a weekly residency that night which lasted for 10 years until he left the UK in the summer of 2002.

Other residencies soon followed including DTPM which would take up Sunday residency at London’s famous Fabric club.

Alan sound become more and more in demand and was booked around the world. He also played in some of the top UK and International clubs including Ministry of Sound, The End,  Passion, Progress, Gods Kitchen, Twilo, Zouk, Allenby 58, Le Queen, The Palace, Pacha, Space, Ku, Privelage, Amnesia and El Divino. What Alan enjoys most, is to play house music.

My Sound: Essentially house, sometimes vocal, sometimes deep, sometimes techi but always funky…. I’ve always had very diverse musical tastes and what play largely depends on the crowd I’m playing to or the club that I’m playing at.


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